Neck Rake Frame Kit

Neck Rake Frame Kit

Road Glide Inner Fairing Mount For use with 23 and 26 Wheels

Road Glide Inner Fairing Mount For use with 23 and 26 Wheels

Neck Rake Builders Kit

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Neck rake Builders Kit

HHI now offers a weld-on replacement neck section for Bagger/ touring model FL frames. This piece provides correct frame geometry for installing a 23" or 26" wheel when installed with their FL raked triple trees. They have provided this as a kit with their trees for the applications listed in the options below.


1)  Does the neck kit for the (RoadGlides) have provisions for the fairing mount bracket attachment? Yes the holes are present in the neck kit for the mounting bolts to attach the bracket 
2)  What is the rake on the frame neck?  7 degrees on the 26" kit, 7 degrees on the 23" kit.
3)  What is the rake of the trees? Stock factory rake is 4 degrees. The trees are a +5 degree over stock for the 26" kit for a total of 9 degrees and a, +3 over stock on the 23" kit for a total of 7 degrees.
4)  Can this kit be installed with the motor in the frame (well protected during welding & painting of course)? Yes it's done all the time but it doesn’t take much more to pull the motor allowing a full color match paint job on the frame
5)  Do you have any downloadable instructions that would give me an idea of what I am up against as far as installation goes? See HHI's website video
6)  Does this kit extend the neck any amount?  Seems it must to allow clearance between the tank dash & the triple trees & ignition cover. Yes the neck is extended 2” forward and 2” up for adequate clearance and fork length on the 26" kit. (The 23" kit extends 1" forward and 1" up.) 
7)  I assume this kit will get the trail near stock like for handling.  Correct? Yes the resultant trail will provide proper handling at both low and hi speed
8) Will I need extended fork tubes ? 
Stock tubes work with the 23" kit. Extended length fork tubes are required for the 26" kit.

A couple of other things to note. The inner fairing mounting bracket will have to be modified & extended to allow adequate clearance for the triple trees.  In addition the engine guard will need to be replaced by a custom lower fairing support bracket.  We can help you with both of these items.  If you have any other questions let me know.

PART #:  NRBK-3-08, NRBK-5-08, NRBK-3-09, NRBK-5-09

This item is made specifically for your year and style bike, and may take approximately 2-3 weeks to ship out.

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