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2009-2013 street glide wheels

The Street Glide in 2009 comes with a 17″ x 3.0″ front wheel. The Street Glide in 2010-2013 comes with a 18″ x 3.0″ front wheel. They both come with a 16″ x 5.0″ rear wheel. The stock size replacment wheels that we carry in every wheel style on our website is the 17″ x 3.5″ size front and the 16″ x 5.5″ rear. If you purchase this size wheel, you can use your stock tires and will not have to change them. 

stock size wheels

On 2009-2013 Street Glides, you can put a 16 x 3.5, 17 x 3.5, 18 x 3.5, 19 x 3.0, or 21 x 3.5 front wheel without changing anything on the bike at all. As far as the rear wheel, you can do either a 17 x 6.25 rear wheel with a 200 tire or a 18 x 5.5 rear wheel with a 180/55-18 or 200/50-18 tire. We recommend the 18 x 5.5 because the tire is a great fit, a common option and replacement tires are readily available. However, if you want the widest option, go with the 17 x 6.25 with a 200 tire. 



  • RYD Wheels Fuse Blackline Wheels
  • Prodigy Black 21 x 3.25 Wheel
  • Talon 3D Chrome 21 x 3.5 Wheel
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    Talon Chrome Wheels

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  • RYD Wheels Inductor Starkline Polished Wheels
  • RYD Wheels Inductor Chrome Wheels
  • RYD Wheels Insulator Starkline Polished Wheels
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  • Swift Contrast 21 x 3.25 Wheel by Vixen Performance
    Harley Contrast Cut Wheels

    Swift Contrast Wheel

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  • Diverge Chrome 21 x 3.25 Wheel
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