Convert to Single Disk on your Harley

Convert to Single Disk on your Harley

What does it take to a convert to single disk?

This article will help you to convert to single disk your Harley disk rotor. Converting your Harley disk rotor can be a daunting task, but it is well worth it in the end. With a dual disk rotor setup, all the time and thought put into picking out the perfect wheels for your bike go to waste, with the rotors covering up most of the wheel. Once converted to a single disk, the entire wheel is out on display, and it gets even better! Using one of our Full Conversion Single Disk Rotor Kits, you can achieve this look without sacrificing any stopping power! This is achieved through replacing the stock caliper and rotor with a more powerful 6 piston caliper and 13″ diameter rotor combination.

Check out the information below on what’s needed to convert to a single disk and contact us at 888-926-2793 for more information or to let us know if you have any further questions!


#5 - Lower Leg Kits

Simply cosmetic, The Lower legs. Dual disk legs have a bracket on the right hand side for the caliper. This can look quite ugly when a single disk conversion is done and the bracket is still hanging off. So... We carry a few different lower leg kits that have the right leg bracket removed to keep everything looking nice and neat!


If you have a 2008 or newer bike, Yes. If you have a 2007 or older bike, Yes… But it is not recommended and it will likely be hard to pull the brake lever, giving it a mushy feeling. 9/16 bore master cylinder is recommended for 2007 and older bikes.

You can, but it is not recommended as 4 piston calipers do not have the stopping power needed to be safely reliable.

Yes. but the 13″ rotor has much better heat dispersion and stopping power, making it the much safer, smarter choice.

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