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21 x 3.5 Inductor Blackline 18 x 5.5 Racelite Gold rotors 19 Road Glide Special 59475 e1654809701101


Converting your Harley Davidson to a Race Inspired bike is easy with our site, We offer many race inspired parts to lighten to the bike, which is one of the easiest ways to get speed out of it. 

Check out 5 ways you can convert your Harley to a Performance King!

RYD Wheels Inductor Starkline Polished Wheels


We offer a few brands that have light weight wheels for Racing. RYD Wheels offers their Racelite Series which is on average 20 pounds lighter than stock wheels. 

Made in the US and Rotary Forged, Hands down RYD Racelite wheels are the best choice if Performance is your goal.


It doesn’t matter how fast your Harley can move, if you don’t have the stopping power to slow it down! With all the modifications you can make to increase horsepower, improve the ride, increase the sound, and make your bike look awesome, sometimes you can forget that the brake system is just as important. WanaRyd carries any part you need, from brake pads, calipers, rotors, and master cylinders. Every one of our parts is manufactured to the highest standards by brands such as Performance Machine, RYD Wheels, Arlen Ness, Lyndall and Hawg Halters! Upgrade your Harley Brake system today!

racelite rotors on wheel
21 x 3.5 REP 04 Prodigy Black 33 100 2020 Road Glide REPLICATOR 61553 e1654809273317


A more compact wrap fender is beneficial for a performance Harley build as it reduces weight, enhancing maneuverability and improving high-speed cornering. Additionally, the sleeker design reduces wind resistance, improving aerodynamics and potentially boosting the bike’s overall speed and performance.


A new exhaust is crucial for a performance Harley build as it improves engine efficiency, enhances power output, and allows for better airflow, resulting in improved overall performance. Additionally, these exhaust systems are available in stainless steel, chrome, and black finishes, giving riders the option to choose the style that best matches their bike’s aesthetics.

21 x 3.5 Insulator Chrome racelite rotors CJ Barham 5 scaled
Racelite Gold Rotor Bolts FRONT


Transform your Harley’s appearance and performance with Racelite Series Rotor Bolts. Made from titanium, they’re 5oz lighter per rotor, rust-resistant, and come in various finishes to match your bike’s style. Upgrade effortlessly with these versatile bolts for stock or aftermarket wheels and rotors.

#6 - SEAT

A custom seat for a performance Harley is essential for two main reasons: enhanced ergonomic comfort reduces rider fatigue during extended journeys, while the ability to choose from various design options complements the bike’s aesthetics, adding a personalized touch to the motorcycle’s appearance.

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