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Performance Baggers

Performance Baggers

21 x 3.5 Inductor Blackline 18 x 5.5 Racelite Gold rotors 19 Road Glide Special 59475 e1654809701101

Lets Get Light

Converting your Harley Davidson to a Race Inspired bike is easy with our site, We offer many race inspired parts to lighten to the bike, which is one of the easiest ways to get speed out of it. 

Check out 5 ways you can convert your Harley to a Performance King!

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#1 - Pick Out Light Weight Wheels

We offer a few brands that have light weight wheels for Racing. RYD Wheels offers their Racelite Series which is on average 20 pounds lighter than stock wheels. 

Made in the US and Rotary Forged, Hands down RYD Racelite wheels are the best choice if Performance is your goal.


#2 -Get Performance Brakes

Trees rake your bike out properly to make up the difference of the larger 23 inch wheel. Yes we know some guys say you do not need to do this but it is important to get the trail right, if you don’t change the trees, you could experience a wobble and it could be dangerous. We offer the highest quality triple trees for a great price. These work great and come with a wobble free gaurantee!

Vtwin Now 11.8 Racelite Rotor Large Pattern Chrome 8 racelite logo
21 x 3.5 REP 04 Prodigy Black 33 100 2020 Road Glide REPLICATOR 61553 e1654809273317

#3 - Get a Wrapped Fender

Don’t even try making your stock fender work, its barely doable but it looks ridiculous. We have some very good priced options for fenders, some even can come painted! 

#4 - Get a Performance Exhaust

Dramatically Improve the look of your build with Custom Lower Fork Legs. The stock ones are cheap cast aluminum. Our large variety of aftermarket ones will look awesome on your bike but as stated, they are not required!

21 x 3.5 Insulator Chrome racelite rotors CJ Barham 5 scaled
2019 road glide

#5 - Seats

Transfer the Stock Rotors over to your new 23″ Wheel or Purchase new matching rotors for the wheel you buy. Your choice! You can also choose Dual Disk like your Harkey Touring comes with or read up on doing a Harley Single Disk Conversion

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Top Wheel Brands

Some of our customers rides

#2 - Pick Out a 23 x 3.75" Wheel

We offer a wide variety of wheels to choose from starting at $1,499 and all of our wheels come fully assembled and ready to install! We Guarantee Fitment and Wobble Free Ride on RYD Wheels, Vixen Performance, Replicator Wheels & Performance Machine. 

2019 road glide
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