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21 x 3.25 Wheel
Metzeler Tire

21 x 3.25 Wheel

23 x 3.75 Wheel

21 x 3.25 Wheel

21 x 3.25 Wheel

Forged Harley Parts

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Native Wide Fat Tire Front Kit

Fat tire kits

The recent popularity and fascination of the Fat Tire style on Harleys may have piqued your interest, and if so, we are here to assist you with your needs! We have a wide selection of Fat Tire kits to choose from and we are experienced with what it takes to put one on your Harley.

18 x 5.5 Kits     –     21 x 5.5 Kits     –    23 x 5.5 Kits

Fat Tire Kit
Custom Wheels for Harleys

Take a look at all of our Custom Harley Wheels for your Harley. We offer custom wheels for Harleys in all sizes ranging from 16″ to 32″. They come in finishes like Chrome, Black, Contrast Cut, Dyeline Colors, etc. 

We offer many brands like RYD Wheels, Performance Machine Wheels, Vixen Performance, Replicator Wheels, RC Components Wheels and many more. All of these brands are Forged aluminum wheels and are made and manufactured in the United States. You wont find wheels on our site that aren’t of the highest quality.

WanaRyd Motorcycle
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